Policies & Procedures

1. The program allows one car wash per day per vehicle enrolled in Fast Pass.​

2. The Automatic Recharge Authorization shall remain in effect unless canceled seven days in advance. Cancellations may take up to a full billing cycle. There will be no refunds or credits for unused time on Fast Pass.

3. Cancellation of this plan prior to month end does not entitle a member to any refund or credits. All plans may be canceled at any 7 of our locations or by using this form and completing all fields cancellation can be completed.

4. Transfer or removal of the Fast Pass sticker will result in automatic termination of the Fast Pass plan.

5. TLC Xpress reserves the right to cancel this plan at any time.

6. The plan will terminate if the monthly charge is declined to be the credit card processing company.

7. In the event of the Fast Pass rate increase, all members will receive a minimum of a 30-days advance notice published at all sites.

8. Weather, Maintenance or equipment failure may affect the availability of car wash services without a refund.

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